Sonic 2 Remastered


Publisher: SEGA of America
Platforms: iOS / Android / Amazon
Release: Dec 2013

A third remaster – this time of the iconic Mega Drive game Sonic 2. Includes all the usual enhancements plus for the first time, the lost Zone “Hidden Palace” is restored and fully playable with a brand new layout, enemies and boss!


Sonic 1 Remastered

Publisher: SEGA of America
Platforms: iOS / Android / Amazon
Release: May 2013

Another Sonic remaster – this time of the original Mega Drive game. Utilises the Retro Engine: featuring widescreen, high quality music, playable Tails and Knuckles + more!


Sonic CD

Publisher: SEGA of America
Platforms: XBLA / PSN / Steam / iOS / Android
Release: December 2011

Rebuilt from the ground up using the Retro Engine, this remastered version of Sonic CD features widescreen, dual Japanese and US soundtracks as well as Tails as a bonus unlockable character!