Retro Engine

Performance, flexibility, keeping it ‘Old Skool’. These are the design principles behind my proprietary Retro Engine. Unlike most modern engines today, the Retro Engine is stylistically designed to deliver features from the 32bit console generation and below (think Sega Saturn, Megadrive, SNES or even NES). While modern engines are usually concerned with shaders, tessellation and advanced lighting, the Retro Engine is concerned with raster effects, palette manipulation, ‘mode 7’ and a whole host of other gaming tricks from the days of yore.

Along with its suite of creation tools in the Retro Software Development Kit (RSDK), Games requiring that vintage touch can be developed in a fraction of the time it would take to start from scratch. The Retro Engine is multi-platform, with versions existing for Consoles, PC/Mac as well as mobile devices. A single RSDK project can executed on each of these platforms with ease thanks to the integrated Object and Scripting system. And while the engine may be ‘Retro’ at heart, modern essentials such as widescreen and online functionality (leaderboards/achievements) are fully supported.